‘The Racialized Pandemic: Wave One of Covid-19 and the Reproduction of Global North Inequalities’ (with Desmond King). Perspectives on Politics. Forthcoming.  

2021. ‘“They Take Our Houses”: Benefit Competition and the Erosion of Support for Immigrants’ Social Rights’. British Journal of Political Science, 51(4), 1381-1401. [Publisher link] [Replication]

2021. ‘The Critics of Welfare: From Neoliberalism to Populism’ (with Desmond King). In The Oxford Handbook of Welfare States (Second Edition). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2015. ‘European Welfare States and Migrant Poverty. The Institutional Determinants of Disadvantage’ (with Georg Picot). Comparative Political Studies, 48(14), 1879-1904. [Publisher link] [Supplement]

Working papers

‘Insuring Against Hunger? Long-Term Political Consequences of Exposure to the Dutch Famine’ (with Raluca Pahontu and David Rueda). [Paper]

‘Immigration, Labor Market Concerns, and Demands for Social Protection: Longitudinal Evidence from the United Kingdom’ (with Inyoung Cho).

Work in Progress
Book Manuscript

Out of Place: Elites, Legacies and the Politics of Migration’ (with Desmond King) (Under Contract with Cambridge University Press).


‘’Not In My Backyard’: Asylum Seekers’ Accommodation and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment’

‘All in the Same Boat? Competition, Group Identity, and Support for the Welfare State’

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